Difficult decisions

There are several difficult questions that I’ve had to ask myself during these trying times.

Like, do I really need to wear underwear? For the 15 minutes that I have to step outside the house to buy groceries, do I really need to go through all that trouble? What would Jesus do?

Everything’s disrupted. People’s livelihood is at stake, but you know what hasn’t been affected? Spam mails. That shit seem to arrive on time no matter what happens to the world. There’s no stopping it. Long after humans go extinct, I’m sure there’s going to be a lone antenna somewhere that sends out spam signals to outer space. It’s inevitable. Spam will outsurvive humans, because someone, somewhere, is so keen on donating 1 million dollars to total strangers.


Day 990 in Kolkata, West Bengal

Humidity has peaked. I can feel my face melt while walking back from work. Saw a lady talking to a scooter today. Checked for earphones/Bluetooth. No wireless audio peripherals were to be found. I repeat, no wireless audio peripherals were to be found. Conclusion: lady with awesome tattoo on left forearm was having an intimate one-on-one with a vehicle.

Body maintenance is optimal. Other than being “approached” by two gay guys, I have had no issues at the gym. Started listening to “Tool” again. Did not have trouble catching up with their latest tracks as they have not released anything since 2006.

The time is now 11:30 pm. I am moments away from fortifying myself on my miniature sleeping apparatus, where I will most likely have flashbacks of past friends and family. Operation “Kraken Release” has proved helpful in socialising. I can now hold a conversation for a record time of 2.5 minutes with colleagues. Further research is required. I am hopeful for a better, brighter tomorrow with fewer panic attacks and more cheese burgers. 

Curiosity out