New experiences

I saw this today

As weird as it looks, it is some of the most incredible moves I’ve ever seen. It’s scary, it’s cool, it’s a major workout. I was told that it is a folk dance of Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa. Here’s a little taste

I have two new obsessions

Freak Kitchen, and The War On Drugs. Two bands, couldn’t be more far from each other in terms of sound, but both make me happy. I finished watching the Dahmer series. I love the guy who plays Dahmer. I don’t know his name, he also plays quick silver in X-Men.


I’m the type of guy who would never visit a nightclub, but would be delighted to make music for one.

Track name: Knock Knock

On second thought, this doesn’t sound anywhere close to dance music. This sounds more like a scene where the villain gets revealed, possibly John Travolta. Speaking of John Travolta, the last time someone tried to grab my dick against my will was when I was in highschool. Cab driver had special interest in children. Sweet child hood memories.