Congratulations, mother

I wrote this yesterday night while I was drunk. I forgot to post it.

Sometime during my high school days, my mother slapped me on my face. It was a memorable event. It was one of those, “head-spinning, birds chirping” kind of slaps that I will never forget. I remember thinking, “holy shit, does she work-out secretly?”. I also remember why she did it. It was because I was being a brat about the quality of dinner that she had been giving me for the past few days. What I didn’t think through was that she was a single mom, taking care of me, my grandparents and my pet dog. Funny thing is, immediately after I got slapped, I heard dad’s voice. “Treat her like a queen”, those were his last words to me. It was kind of frightening, the way he said it. It was as if he would haunt me in my sleep if I did otherwise. 

Mom, I don’t think I’ve ever hurt you but I also know that I haven’t been much of a good “son” either. I know you would like to talk to me everyday even if there was nothing to say. Unfortunately, I suck at “conversations”. I am working on it. I know you are worried about why I don’t have a girlfriend. I know you are worried about why I don’t have any friends 🙂 . It’s so cute how every time I tell you I went for a movie, you ask “so did you watch it with anyone?”. And every time I tell you I went alone, I can hear you sigh silently. Makes me laugh every time. Funny thing is that you are never ever going to read this post. You don’t know I have a blog. I am only writing this because I’m drunk. I’ll probably delete this once I am sober. But for the limited amount of time this post is live, I want you to know that the you are a wonderful human being and you have done a great job raising your kids(I know I turned out fine. The other one, not so much. I think she’s a little messed up in the head. But she’s cool).