My space in the sky

Years ago my aunt gifted me a toy. It was basically a kit to spy on people. I don’t know why they made it for kids, but anyway… it had a motion sensor, different kind of lights, and interestingly, a telescope attachment. At that time my innocent mind did not get the idea to go look into other people’s houses, and thank god, because that would have ended up as a very different blog post. So luckily, I ran up to the terrace at night, and there it was, that bright white light. I quickly grew tired of holding the tiny telescope. So I made an ‘arrangement’ where I could lie down on the floor and look through the spy-telescope (without holding it) into the night sky for any amount of time. This became a nightly thing. Every night I would pack up my stuff, and go on this little picnic to the top of the house (I hadn’t discovered porn yet), and it was just me, lying there in the cold, peering into the heavens with a spy-telescope. It never got boring because THERE WAS SO MUCH STUFF OUT THERE! Stuff I couldn’t believe! I told my mom, “mom!, you will not believe what I saw! there are these stars, they are in a straight line, and the moon has so many craters on it!”, and my mom was like, “did you see the moon rabbit?”, and I just froze man. Never have I ever thought so highly of my mother before. It was all downhill from there, but still…I got to see a frickin rabbit on the moon! The reason why I remembered all of this is because, I know I am lucky enough to live in a place where they have a fantastic planetarium, and I know they give free astronomy classes. Also, there are  skywatching communities. The only problem is…well…people.

Pool games

Back in the day,  my friends and I used to play this game called ‘watch hunt’, where we would set up a watch to chime once every minute and then drop it into the swimming pool. Whoever found the watch first, won the ultimate prize, which was, a chance to walk back home, safely, without getting beaten up. It was kind of a deep pool. So it was not that easy to win. It was so much fun! Except for this one time, when six of us went down the pool and only five came back up.













It’s just jokes you guys! Don’t be weirded out. All six of us came back up. It’s just that… one of us wasn’t breathing.

For more childhood horror stories, please visit some other blog. Feel free to share some of your own horror stories. Comment below!


My dad once told me that I was the biggest mistake he ever made. I was around 10 at the time. We laughed a lot that day. He laughed because he knew I wouldn’t get it. I laughed because I didn’t get it. Also, I was going to slap him with my flip flops anyway.

It is beautiful memories like this one that reminds me of how awesome and disturbing my childhood really was.

Happy birthday dad

Wherever you are


No, I didn’t mess up the post’s title.

Valent- Having one or more valences
Valence-The combining capacity of an atom, radical or functional group determined by the number of electrons that it will lose, gain, or share when it combines with other atoms etc.


Learning everyday!

Having been dumped well in advance before valentines day, I am one of those lucky people who will be spending the day indoors. Wait a minute…that’s no different from any other day. Anyway… it is the day couples have been waiting for. It is the day for gifts, emotions and several other things that I’m devoid of. For the rest of us, it is the day for awkwardness, packed restaurants, more awkwardness and Black Panther. Woohoo! Thank you Marvel. 

Quick change of topic to escape the depression(cos that’s how I roll now)

Welcome to Jurassic Pa… I mean my weekend adventure to the book fair. You know that feeling you get when you have a lazy Sunday morning at your hands and a sudden urge to sit down and read a really good book comes up? I never get that. I would instead… do anything but that. So why the hell would someone like me go to a book fair you ask? Well first of all, fuck you. Books are for everyone. Secondly, fuck you again. I hate you for asking that. Plus, who could resist going to a book fair when they welcome you in French?


And serve you great food


Kids, this is what adult depression looks like. The letters go up and down. Isn’t it fun?


There’s no better way to describe it. It’s a Disneyland just for the nerds. Instead of waterslides, they have book signings. Instead of rides they have bookstalls. Even though I felt the life slowly drain away from my body, it was nice to see the nerds loose their shit at seeing authors appear like astronauts who just landed from space.

I grew up in one of those households where there was a library ‘inside’ the house. Can you believe that shit? What a waste of space. And my sister, the biggest nerd of all, was like the librarian who also guarded the gates. The moment I enter the room, she would up the security. Mother would step in and offer a hand at pushing me out. So, clearly this goes back to my childhood.

PS: I have nothing against books or nerds. I am a nerd myself but I still like to make fun of them.