Podcast episode 6- Intimate questions, respect and radioactivity

The well oiled machine has begun churning out episode after episode of pure mediocre entertainment. Listen to it. I beg you. Links to the topics of discussion, including video clips are provided in the podcast description. To access it, click the (-) icon and go to the relevant podcast episode. Enjoy.

Ep.25 The Apartment Life Part 2 Next-level Nothing

The Apartment Life is a new series we are trying out, where we bitch and rant about the perils of living in an apartment. Everything from clogged drains to shitty Wifi is covered. Enjoy. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Ep.25 The Apartment Life Part 2
  2. Ep.24 Planned Obsolescence
  3. Ep. 23 The Devil Made Me Do It
  4. Ep.22 Where does your car go?
  5. Digital Superstition (Bonus Clip)