chat room

Chat room

Reddit is reborn. Now it has the “chat” feature which lets you direct-message a total stranger or join group-chats. It sounds creepy, but if you think about it, it is kind of amazing. People who like gardening can get together and talk about pesticides and soil moisture content in real time. People who hate Justin Bieber can get together and research more things to bitch about(there ain’t nothing better to do than bitch about successful people). My first experience with chat rooms was in high school, on Yahoo messenger. Like everyone else, I used it solely for educational purposes, and talking to girls. Well, mostly just talking to girls(who were most likely adventurous guys in their 40s).

So after a long hiatus, I joined a chat room yesterday. The name of the room was “vent and listen”, which means you can vent your frustrations or listen to someone else’s and then be on your way. That’s when it hit me, “wait a second, I’m a jokes person. I can make people happy, right? This is it. This is my calling”. And I jumped right in. No one really vented about serious shit apart from some people venting about their jobs. And just like that I was called a “rambling pig fucker”. Kids these days huh? Funny stuff.

I think I’ll lie in bed and cry for a bit.