Lost in laughter

News spread far and wide, about the birth of two little boys, two little boys of Mr. John Smith, named Casio and Deadpan Johnson. Casio was the quiet one. He knew what he wanted. He mostly kept to himself. He was very picky, very precise, very calculative. Although he did not do well with other kids at school, he helped them with Meth…I mean Math. He was last seen on a swing in school. Now, Deadpan Johnson is who the story is really about. Big guy, with big needs. Very money-minded. Did not get along with the family. When the boys lived with their father, Deadpan never ate dinner with the family, instead, he would eat at a temple.

16 years flew by. Rumours of a young man who resembles Casio came from far far away, from a distant continent. Today, is the 4th of February, 1998. Deadpan is tying his shoe laces to travel to Japan…