Duck Liver

Today I stumbled upon something called Foie gras on the internet.

Wikipedia defines it as- 

A luxury food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been especially fattened. By French law, foie gras is defined as the liver of a duck or goose fattened by force-feeding corn with a feeding tube, a process also known as gavage.

Here’s one more reason why we humans are still classified as “animals” rather than something progressive like “The engineers” or “The centurions”. I mean, I love meat but common man! What’s next? Camel dick? If any Foie gras lover finds this post offensive, consider this an open invitation to email me your place of choice to meetup. I will fight you. Wait a second, for a moment I thought this was Reddit. Sorry for the aggressive behaviour.


Three days

Three days is not a long time if you think about it

But three days is what I’ve been through

Three days, I cannot forget

Three days, they haunt me, they keep me awake at night

Like a weight on my chest, three days pull me down

Three days, I wept without hope

Three days, I could not cope

Three days is a nightmare, get it out of my head

Three days is what made me fall

Three days is all it takes to loose it all

The inspiration for writing this poem came from loosing internet connectivity for three days.  Tragic events like these tend to pull us down heavily. But it is our job to pull ourselves back up.  For more poems based on loss and depression checkout, “Goodbye, Xbox” and “HR dept., a house of lies” by Curiosity. 

*The author shall not be held responsible for trauma/heartache

Building stars

I feel like depression is turning me into a poet. I feel like there’s something super-poetic about the fact that we humans are building stars here on Earth. Let me explain. “Building stars” is the new hit TV show on planet Earth. Just kidding. We humans are on a never ending path in search of power/energy. We’ve tried everything from fossils, wind, sun and water to shit, literal shit. But we’re not there yet because the demand is also never ending. Since the demand for energy is sure to see a steady rise in the future, and is also sure to bring monetary gains to people who work in the field of power generation, there is a lot of push to discover more efficient sources of power. Who wouldn’t want to invest in something that is sure to bring guaranteed returns?(insert stock market joke) One such source is a star, a.k.a., nuclear fusion energy. Now, building a star here on Earth is, as one would imagine, not that easy(K-pop groups know what I’m talking about). You need to secure the funding, buy the land, pay the nerds, but most importantly, develop the technology! Then it has to be made available to the public. People who have already setup nuclear fusion labs say it’ll happen in the next 30-40 years. Since I have no hopes of crossing 60, I will continue to burn fuel and pollute my dear environment.


The tiny dots in the sky can power your Xbox. Who knew?

Arthur Eddington knew

In the 1920’s.


Societal pressure




I just wanted to see how many people will hit the “like” button just because this post has a fancy title. This is not a social experiment. This is sheer boredom. Nothing good will come out of this. Hail Deadpool. Have a great day.

Best things I’ve heard this week

“Sometimes people put a little salt in their ice cream, you know, or a little bit of ketchup in their lemonade. This is stuff that people do to enhance the different flavours.”

-Conan O’Brien

“An almost indispensable skill for any creative person is the ability to pose the right questions. Creative people identify promising, exciting, and, most important, accessible routes to progress – and eventually formulate the questions correctly.”

-Lisa Randall

“Cactuses have thorns because nature doesn’t give a fuck.”


If anyone wants to correct me by saying, “it’s Cacti, not cactuses”, feel free. I will send you my address. I am ready to fight you. I’ve been training. Wait, I’m sorry, I forgot. I thought this was reddit. The level of rage is so much different there.

Fact checking

I used to think that life on Earth evolved over millions of years to be the best that they can be, upgrading themselves over generations. But if you’ve read any books on evolution, biology, you would know that that’s just not true. Even nature is imperfect. If you are familiar with Richard Dawkins works, you would know that we have evidence of design flaws in our own body! These facts contradict the involvement of an “intelligent designer” or some sort of a “supreme being” in the creation of all life on Earth. But we still “believe” because “mom and dad said so”.

Maybe books can make a difference in people. Maybe the nerds were right after all. But if you’re like me and hate books, and believe that they are the work of the devil, then I highly recommend you stay away from politics because if you get elected, people’s lives will be at stake.


Adaptive blogging

I found certain similarities between biological evolution and blogging. I know, I need to lay off the alcohol. But I had this thought while I was super-sober, during a work meeting.

After writing a post, do you ever find yourself tweaking it just a little bit so that you get those extra views/likes? As the years go by, you’ll figure out which of your posts get liked the most and which ones don’t receive any attention. So you’ll start making amends to your posts. This habit might grow over time without you even knowing it. You might realize it at some point of time but you’ll continue to do it because you’ll find that your posts thrive that way.


One day, you’ll wake up and say, “what the hell am I doing?. I have lost my uniqueness, my individuality. I need to reset”.

Both scenarios don’t look that bad. But when it comes to evolution, I think it can get a little tricky. Nature tries making small changes with every few generations of animals and plants. Some succeed. Some fail. Nature learns. Nature makes amends. For example, it gave a few of our ancestors, the ability to walk using only two legs. But it didn’t do the same for all our ancestors. My question is, is nature aware of the changes it is making?. Did at any point of time, nature forget about uniqueness and individuality, and went ahead only with those who succeeded? We might never find out. But that’s not what scares me.

What if one day, nature wakes up and thinks, “what the hell am I doing? I have lost my uniqueness, my individuality. I need to reset”.