My sister is a Psychiatrist (that does not guarantee that her views about people are right). She told me that CEOs of big companies tend to run a little low on this juice called Real- remorse, meaning they don’t give a shit about about the employees. I think this trickles down to the managers too. Today, how do I put this politely?,  well…this bitch-ass motherfucker lied to my face. I’ll keep the story simple. There’s a problem at the production line. Performance test of some units show deviations from the required standard. Instead of Christmas cheer, there’s panic in the air, because this particular model is in demand. The manager, let’s call him cocksucker for short, tells me ‘we’ need to solve this. I’ll make this story even shorter. He says he has a solution. I tell him his solution reminds me of what people used to do in the 90’s when TV sets didn’t work properly, they tapped on it. (I didn’t say it. I don’t got the balls). I tell him the reason why it won’t work. He does it anyway. Unit fails. Cocksucker doesn’t tell me it failed. Cocksucker tells me it passed ‘beautifully’, but the effort needed to implement his solution ‘outweighs’ the improvement in performance, hence ‘we’ need another solution. ‘I’ give him a solution, but I keep wondering where I went wrong. 

In the evening, I ask the lab what exactly went wrong with cocksucker’s solution. I find out what really went down. I go to cocksucker and I ask him what the fuck happened. Cocksucker tells me, “we didn’t use it because it failed”, with a smiling face.

I live by certain principles:

Chocolate has to be consumed cold.

Don’t fuck with people’s heads.