Kids, listen to Beethoven

What is the oldest recording you’ve heard? A speech? Classical music? Beethoven? Chopin? Random farts? I read on the internet that the oldest recording was made in 1878 by Thomas Edison using the Phonograph (didn’t even support Dolby ATMOS. No wonder it didn’t hold up). What intrigues me about old music is that it is complex and simple at the same time. Be it Western Classical, Eastern, Southern, all directions! I personally know a lot of people who have refined their musical interests to such great extents that they have ended up going back to classical music. For most of my friends, it usually goes like this:

Heavy metal
Death metal(sometimes)


Sounds familiar? I wouldn’t say I grew up listening to classical music, but when I was a kid, my dad got a CD player. It came with two CDs- Abba and a collection of classical music. Man…those two CDs played 24/7 in the house. And thank god it was those two CDs! I am thankful to my mama and papa for giving me the best childhood ever. But then, as I grew older, I lost interest in classical music. I was into Michael Jackson, Deep forest, Safri Duo. Then came the rock phase with Deep Purple, Van Halen, Rainbow, Dream Theatre, etc. Now it is a bit more refined into alternative/progressive rock. However, every now and then, when I hear classical music, I feel that pull. Like its calling me. I feel the calling to go back and work more with that style of music. Its like, all my ideas stem from classical music. Weird. Is this happening to me because I listened to it on repeat during my childhood? I understand that this genre of music is very complex and basic at the same time. But what makes people go back to it? Is it because all music has evolved from old music(or as I call it, root music)?
Speaking of old recordings, here is a 15 year old recording of one of the most influential drummers of all time.

Just kidding. Its just me. I made it yesterday with the hopes of becoming world famous some day. Head on over to Sound cloud and check out my ginormous collection of three tracks. Feel free to make a donation(not to my sound cloud account, but to some charity). There are people who were not as lucky as you and me. Plus, I don’t think you can donate money via Sound cloud. Just give the money to someone in need. Or do something nice alright? Help someone out.