artificial intelligence

If WordPress were alive

It would be really embarrassing because I have written some fucked up shit on here. Things, I haven’t told anyone. But if WordPress does come alive, I would imagine it to be like that movie Her. There would be this artificial intelligence that has a collective understanding of human behavior that it gained from reading all the blogs in the world. It would know people’s deepest darkest secrets. I’d like to call it John, because John’s a nice name, easy to say, reminds me of Jam for some reason. 

So, instead of writing a blog, it would be like talking to a person, a therapist maybe, and this program would then assimilate all that data, process it, and let some other blogger ‘experience it’ rather than ‘read it’. It could be a thing, you know. I know Porn would get a new lease of life, but I feel like this would help loners like myself interact with the world, you know? Imagine sitting under a tree, on top of a hill, where there’s nothing but the sound of wind and leaves, and you are realizing what it’s like to be in one of those listening bars in Japan, or one of the oldest bakeries in Kolkata, or even Marie Curie’s tomb, if you’re into that shit.