News and OS updates

Two full pages of today’s paper is the iPhone 11

I hear people take days off of work, leave partners, sell organs to wait in line to buy this phone. I am very curious about these people, and this brand. They wait in line, patiently/impatiently to get their hands on this new piece of tech that boasts a new set of emojis, and a new colour theme along with other new features. However, the phones are powerful, plus the company still offers support to a lot of their older handsets. They know what the people want. They know how to drive the people to want what the company wants.

I am fascinated by this brand that turned a communication device into a status symbol, that aggressively goes after patent infringements, that designs products that doesn’t work well with products made by competitors. I kind of get why people would wait in line at the apple store. I feel pity for them, but I get it. I used to be the kid who waited eagerly for OS updates. I wanted to know what the company had in store for me. Now, OS updates make it to news papers.