Inspiration to write

You know when’s the best time to write? When you’re drunk and you don’t care about spelling, well, unless autocorrect is tuned on. Creativity just flows like molten lava. Also, it really helps if your dog died. Then you get that extra boost/pressure to write. I call it depressure. Get it? depression+pressure? Anyway, I think I’ll go back to staring at the wall now. Oh almost forgot! I climbed a hill last weekend. Here’s a picture.



Kolakham, West Bengal


Have a good weekend!

Old is gold

My grandma once handed me a glass of Whiskey and said, “you shouldn’t take life too seriously. If you do, it will consume you.” She then passed out. I gave it a lot of thought. After pouring the whisky back into its bottle, I realized how wise she was. I was 10 at the time.