Morals and bill payments

Here’s the ad:

Chef walks in, makes a few plates of the best looking dishes I’ve ever seen. As he’s giving it it’s final touches, the head chef walks in with a notepad, and asks him to trash everything, and make something else. The chef, completely heartbroken, whips out his phone and pays his power bill, online( I guess that’s the new rad thing to do, to pay your bills when your boss irritates you). Next thing you know, he gets some money as “cash back” for paying the bill using a certain payments app. The ad reads, “Unlike your boss, we appreciate everything you do”.

My takeaway from the ad:

I sat at the table, eating breakfast. This was the first thing I watched on a Monday morning. I thought to myself, “people actually get paid to do this, to make this ad. There had to have been a meeting between the marketing team and the advertising company regarding the story for this ad, and they all approved this. Must have been a hell of a presentation.” I thought about the bright side,”everything that happens to me today¬†will be better than this”. I realized there’s only one thing left to do. So I downloaded the app.