Perception of time

A friend once told me how when he was a little kid he had stumbled upon a wandering beetle(I had to google the spelling of beetle. Not a big fan of the Beatles though!). It was moving real slow, doing things that beetles do. He wondered how the beetle perceived time in comparison to how we(humans) perceived time. Pretty deep stuff for a small kid to be thinking! He’s really proud of himself for that!
The beetle begins its life, lives and dies. All of this happens in a short span of time. Short span of time to who? Us, humans. We do not know how the beetle perceives its life time. It might actually feel the same way we feel about our life span! So while the beetle may appear to move slow, for the beetle itself, things maybe happening at a pace that it perceives to be normal.
Weird! Super weird! Stuff like this keeps me curious. A while ago I was living with my mom, working part time at an audio equipment store. Those days were pretty boring. So week days seemed long and the weekends seemed quite short! I now have a fulltime job that I like more. Weekdays appear to pass by like seconds whereas weekends appear to last longer. And I like that! So it appears as though my perception of time changes depending on how much I enjoy doing something. Weirder!


I would like to explain this one using an example. A celebrity was requested to help promote a movie. He agreed and flew to the country where the movie was made. He had come to watch a preview. Everything went fine and he flew back. After he left, the local people started to go nuts over a stupid issue. The issue was that during his visit , he refused to drink the water that he was offered. Instead, he drank water from the bottles he had brought with him. A very similar incident happened to me(I am not a celebrity, but I have this awesome ability to INSTANTLY make people stop speaking to me). I had recently started to work at a small store in town. I had reasons to believe that the drinking water there was not safe for drinking. So I never drank water from there. This led to coworkers making fun of me. No big deal. They were very nice folks. (Except for this one prick who always found a goddamn fault with…..
Anger fading ……… fading………. gone!ūüėÄ Deep purple makes everyone happy!)
These incidents made me wonder why people can’t just respect an individual’s interests. Why can’t people just leave fellow beigns alone? I am causing zero harm! Although, I can imagine what would happen if I walk into someones house and blindly refuse to drink water from there by saying “I won’t drink water from here”(with a smiling face like Jake Gyllenhall’s face in night crawler). I understand that saying things politely will cause less trouble but my point is that it still causes trouble!


I have always loved going to the movies. I’m one of those movie goers that get super excited just by¬†seeing the Universal¬†Studios Logo appear on screen. In fact, I watch it¬†from time to time on my computer! I know that’s a little extreme but¬†It just pumps me up. So does many other movie studio¬†logos.¬†Then there are the audio demos. I cannot stop watching¬†those. They¬†showcase the cinema’s¬†sound reproduction capabilities. I live to watch those!(I work in this industry).¬†I like going to the movies because:
1. It is completely different from watching a movie at home. The whole ‘experience’ is different.¬†I like the¬†excitement¬†in going to watch a movie!
1. It helps me relax and clears my mind
I don’t like to go to the movies alone because I¬†like to know someone else’s take on the movie. Have you been in situation where you absolutely loved a movie while your friend hated it? Im sure you have! Have you also been in a situation where your friend could not give a proper explanation why they hated the movie? The problem with that scenario is that it ruins the experience for both of you. I don’t have a whole lot of friends so I usually end up dragging someone along. Yes, I like movies that people usually dont like. However, I don’t like to watch more than two movies a month because I do not want it to lose its exclusivity. Plus a whole lot of 3D and earpiercing sound can damage you PERMANENTLY! I haven’t watched a movie in a long time though.
I have a weird obsession with imdb ratings. If they say it’s good, its good! Yes, I look at the ratings before I go watch the movie but it doesn’t stop me from watching it unless the rating is below 6. They have pretty good movie suggestions on their website. I just wish they suggested more number of movies.
Cinemas have been changing over the years. I think audio and video technologies have been improving steadily( several audio companies claim that the audio was shit before they brought out their ‘new’ system!). The sad part is that I miss the old cinema. The ones where the projector sometimes messed up the playback, dots appeared on the screen now and then!, the sound echoed!. It just isn’t the same with 4K, Laser projection, HFR3D, ATMOS, AURO, etc. However, I 100% appreciate the new technologies. Immersive sound is to¬†die for! I kinda feel weird though when the audio surrounds you while the video does not!
One of my dreams is to compose background scores for movies.