I am straight

Begin “offensive” post:

I am a straight guy. Why am I saying this? Well, if you are like me (antisocial and attracts gay attention), you would understand. Part of the reason why I decided to make this post is that I read another blog where this brave guy reveals how he was abused as a child by his father, how he is coping with the trauma, how he used to view women as objects, etc. Good news is that he is now, a fantastic human being who lives for his two daughters. His post gave me the courage to make my own post. Its not like I have had dangerous encounters with gay people or anything but I do think I am at the brink of one.

The irony in all this is that I have been a LGBT supporter all my life. Good news is that I still am. I don’t hate anyone. I respect everyone. I think the factors that keep me from making friends are also causing the gay attention. The reasons I am talking about are stuff like shyness, no interest in sports and general guy stuff. My interests are not mainstream. I feel like its hard to find people with similar interests as mine where I live.

Fortunately, I have good friends at my new workplace. I like my job too. These are the only good things happening now. Everything else sucks. Time for a loooong walk and some deep thinking!

Hey guess what? I would really appreciate your comments! So comment. Or don’t. That’s cool too.


This post is about my musical interests. I actually do not know why I am writing this. I personally hate reading blogs about musical interests. So if you don’t  like this sort of thing, don’t waste your time reading. Kids, this is what happens when you move to a new place and don’t make friends!

Why don’t you try hitting the play button while reading this?

The following are just my opinions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion after all. I respect everyone’s  music preferences. I used to wonder how people could listen to death metal and hip hop. I always thought that people who liked such genres, just did it to look cool or make a statement. Eventually, I realised that they like what they like, the same way I like rock. They are passionate about their music just like I am about mine. That is why I don’t judge people based on whether they listen to Justin Bieber or Eric Martin. On the other hand, people who do bother me are the ones who ‘like’ bands based on their popularity. I also don’t understand people who ‘like’ bands just to fit in. It’s ok to like any genre of music or any artist. I believe that the type of music you like actually says something about you. It’s like one of the things that make up your identity. I don’t get people who keep their musical interests a secret . I am sure that they have their reasons but I think it is just sad. Here are a few of my interests.

Artist: Dream Theater
Album: Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

A lot of things that I think about have been brilliantly portrayed in the eleventh track (Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On). I personally do not give a damn about the lyrics in a song. I like songs for their tune. But this song! I have to say that the lyrics are just superb.
I wish to give special attention to the transition from track 1(Scene One: Regression) to track 2(Scene Two: I. Overture 1928). It is the greatest transition I have heard till date. The first track is a mere two minutes while the second is more than three. A lot is going on in the first track. There is a soothing voice, there is singing, there is soft acoustic guitar with brilliant vocals. Then there is a dramatic change as the song transitions into the second track. Just genius work. I cannot however tolerate rest of the track! I googled the album just now to write about it. After reading the synopsis of the album, I feel like this is the most depressing album ever. The story is just too damn sad and so full of bull shit! Don’t get me wrong. I ‘DO NOT’ like this album as a whole. Just a few tracks!

Artist: Rainbow
Album: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
Now this is an album that I just adore. Each and every song of the album is worth mentioning. Ronnie James Dio could write amazing songs. He could express feelings which is what songs are meant to do. “Music is what feelings sound like” said a strange colleague to me once. Now this is an album that I like as a whole. My favourite songs are Black Sheep of the Family and Self Portrait.

Artist: Queensrÿche
Album: Operation: Mindcrime
I stumbled upon this album thanks to Apple music’s suggestions. I still think Spotify’s suggestions are better though. Pure brilliance is the phrase to describe this album. I have not listened to rock of this style. It was way ahead of its time. The guitar solos are well thought out and stand out on their own. Best of all, the album tells a brilliant story. It explains the horrors of mind manipulation. Its like a movie but you would want to hear it rather than see it.

Artist: Blind Guardian
Album: Beyond the Red Mirror
Song: Distant Memories (Bonus Track)
I like this kind of music. Operatic, orchestral, and stunning vocals. Listening to these on good speakers is like meditation to me. I live in a shared apartment now(fancy name: company guest house!). So although it is peaceful, I cannot pump up the volume for now.

Now, off to watch The Revenant!


Wikipedia defines synesthesia as a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In ancient Greek syn means “together” and aisthēsis means “sensation”. So some people associate numbers with colours, sounds with colours, pictures with sounds, sounds with pictures, etc. Sounds really weird doesn’t it? I think it is a gift. I think it can help people do extraordinary things. Make music from numbers, make paintings from sounds, etc. It is very hard to explain synesthesia. There are two main kinds. Associative and projective. Associative causes people to feel one sense together with another. Like feel a sound as a colour. Projective is more interesting. It is when people actually perceive two senses at once. What would it be like to visualize sound? I’m not talking about the you tube videos of visualizing actual pressure waves. I’m talking about the kind where people actually see things associated with certain sounds. The Wikipedia example nails it down: For example, in the common form chromesthesia (sound to color) a projector may hear a trumpet and see an orange triangle in space while an associator might hear a trumpet and think very strongly that it sounds “orange”. An orange triangle in space? What in the world would that look like? Trippy as hell I would assume. Would distract you a lot though. I believe I have a sensory mix up as well. This is my first ever revelation of the ‘gift’ to anyone ever. Its not as cool as the ones discussed above. In fact its kinda funny. I taste words. Yup. Not sounds. Just words. Every single word I wrote in this blog, I have tasted. Yes, you are reading stuff I have licked with my tongue. It is really hard to explain and it will not make any sense but here goes: ‘Words’=potato chips with cream n onion dip, ‘simply’= pudding, ‘torch’= spicy potato chips, ‘dark’= chocolate(obviously), ‘linger’= sour, ‘free’=strawberry cream, etc. I am not even sure if this is a rare condition. Do any of you have similar ‘gifts’? Please let me know. I have the perfect excuse for being hungry all the time. I read a lot.


Evolution fascinates me. I like to think of it as biological reprogramming. Life’s adaptive circuit. An organism that is infinitely small in the universe, absolutely clueless about its surroundings slowly adapts to survive as if it were alien to its own surroundings. It learns from its mistakes. Does it know that the changes in its body are being triggered by itself? How confused must have it been? Reminds me of Ice age. Some lose the ability to breathe in water. Some lose weight. Some grow tails. Bloddy hell, some fly!
How cool is nature? It just didn’t follow one path that lead to success, it followed millions. It gave some organisms feathers, some gills, some limbs, etc. It is constantly trying different approaches. Has it stopped it’s trials now? I personally think it hasn’t. Is a three-parent baby a consequence of evolution? Maybe! The concept of just two genders has always been a mistake. Evolution will not stop. It’s magic is endless.
I find it a little hard to grasp Kevin Spacey’s world in K-pax. Their children are raised by different parents? That’s a little too weird for me. That’s a little too evolved!

Evolution also provides exceptional survival tactics. Like how cool is our immune system? I’ve read that many of early man’s survival skills have moulded us. Scared of creepy hairy spiders? To early man, they meant trouble. The knowledge been passed on through genes I guess. Scared of thunder or any sudden loud sounds? To early man, sudden loud sounds usually mean big trouble. Like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. There are organisms that can live without food, water and air for many years. There are organisms that can rejuvenate themselves. There are organisms that can survive in bloody space!(Tardigrades). It is these kinds of survival techniques that leads me to think that life anywhere is inevitable. As a great thinker once said “Life will find a way”!

Search for life

Why is there a sudden push for the search for life elsewhere? I might be wrong but as of late I feel as though I have been reading alot of news about individuals, companies and counties starting to look for friends anywhere outside the Earth. ‘Friends’, what a polite way to call them. Isn’t it? I wish we treated them that way too. I am frankly more afraid of what we would do to them than what they would do to us.
I believe that the universe speaks to us in mysterious ways. It may speak to us in the form of rogue incidents. Have you ever felt that you were at some random place at exacly the right time for absolutely no reason? Did you experience something spectacular at that random place? Did you meet someone who you will cherish for the rest of your life? If you haven’t had such experiences, don’t fret it because I’m damn sure you will. The universe may also voice itself in the form of people. People who like to educate. People who like to spread the word. People who do not push their ideals down your throat. Titans. That’s what I like to call them. A few people who have influenced me deeply are Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan,  Stephen Hawking, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Jim Carrey, yes Jim carrey the actor, Clint Eastwood( especially for his character in Gran Torino) and Robin Williams( for his character in everything. I hear that he was a great human being as well). Sorry ladies. I know for sure that there are lady Titans out there but I’m just too ignorant. If one of you could suggest few names I could spend my time productively by researching about them. Have you watched Stephen Colbert interview Neil De Grasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberley? That interview is to die for. Cosmos a Space Time Odessey( hosted by Neil) is a show that blew my mind like the big bang(if there ever was one). 
Anyway, so why the sudden push for search for alien life? I do not know. But it makes me happy. Neil explains in one of his lectures that major scientific breakthroughs all had government backing and specific drivers. One main driver being fear. Countries have a fear of being inferior(referring to the space race).  What if the sun starts fading from tomorrow? I feel like we would have found a new energy source in a few days. Is the search for life being pushed by a driver like that? I do not know.

To my grandfather, the study of socialism is more important than space exploration. He believes that social development is the key to a bright future. He says that research in socialism is more important as it will help in human upliftment. Another big point that he made is that the topics that socialist studies deal with is something that is happening all around us, all the time and thus all of us are able to get a first hand account. However, he 100% appreciates the effort that goes into search for life.  So much that, he literally telephoned me out of sheer excitement after learning about the discovery of gravitational waves!

I recall Neil deGrasse Tyson, saying that we humans are made of star stuff. Evethough I kinda knew the whole deal about how basic molecules make up everything in the universe, I was just awestruck at that statement. We are made of that! How cool is that? Those things that float around in the night sky giving out spectacular lights are made of the same stuff we are made of! And yet we are not interested in them. We want to better our living conditions here. I know there are people dying here. Literally dying of hunger, violence, etc. People are forced to suffer inhumane conditions. These things make me wonder too if we should be looking out there or down here. I believe in science. I know that research on things ‘out there’ have and will benefit people down here in ways we cannot imagine. I would love to believe that the answers to questions like Who am I ? Why are we here? What the hell are we supposed to do? can be found out through self introspection and deep thinking. I would love to believe that. I would love to believe that the answers to everything would just pop into our brains one fine day through dedicated meditation. I admire the people who strive to attain enlightenment. But the sad part is that they themselves do not know if and when they’ll achieve it. What I do know for certain is that research ‘out there’ is getting us closer to the answers with added bonuses! It can also help us answer another troubling question. Where the hell did we come from!

Aah 2001 A Space Odessey. What a movie! I can watch it again and again. That voice of the computer singing ‘Daisy’ is so damn weird and cool at the same time. The great Stanley Kubrick’s classic was way ahead of its time. Sad part is that I do not know anyone who likes that movie as much as I do. I know there are many out there but my circle is small! On the other hand I know many interstellar fans. That movie blew people’s minds but it didn’t blow mine. Very nice visuals though! What does the movie have to do with the title of the blog? Nothing. I like to talk about movies. Deal with it. The Space Odessey explains in beautiful detail the ‘less talked about’ facts of human evolution. Life on Earth began in water. Organisms started to swim. They crept out of the water. They started to crawl, walk, run and fly. So what’s the next stage? I think it’s out there in space. Waiting for us. Just like the movie suggests. So imagine a scenario where during our course of time in the water(during that stage in evolution), we spend more time and energy in bettering the living conditions instead of trying to move onto land. How different would the world be. Of course, we did not posses that level of intelligence during our time in the water. So you could say that coming out of the water onto land was an inevitable stage in evolution. Now, we have a conscience. We are intelligent. We are ‘human’. It’s up to us to decide how to evolve.

Perception of time

A friend once told me how when he was a little kid he had stumbled upon a wandering beetle(I had to google the spelling of beetle. Not a big fan of the Beatles though!). It was moving real slow, doing things that beetles do. He wondered how the beetle perceived time in comparison to how we(humans) perceived time. Pretty deep stuff for a small kid to be thinking! He’s really proud of himself for that!
The beetle begins its life, lives and dies. All of this happens in a short span of time. Short span of time to who? Us, humans. We do not know how the beetle perceives its life time. It might actually feel the same way we feel about our life span! So while the beetle may appear to move slow, for the beetle itself, things maybe happening at a pace that it perceives to be normal.
Weird! Super weird! Stuff like this keeps me curious. A while ago I was living with my mom, working part time at an audio equipment store. Those days were pretty boring. So week days seemed long and the weekends seemed quite short! I now have a fulltime job that I like more. Weekdays appear to pass by like seconds whereas weekends appear to last longer. And I like that! So it appears as though my perception of time changes depending on how much I enjoy doing something. Weirder!


I would like to explain this one using an example. A celebrity was requested to help promote a movie. He agreed and flew to the country where the movie was made. He had come to watch a preview. Everything went fine and he flew back. After he left, the local people started to go nuts over a stupid issue. The issue was that during his visit , he refused to drink the water that he was offered. Instead, he drank water from the bottles he had brought with him. A very similar incident happened to me(I am not a celebrity, but I have this awesome ability to INSTANTLY make people stop speaking to me). I had recently started to work at a small store in town. I had reasons to believe that the drinking water there was not safe for drinking. So I never drank water from there. This led to coworkers making fun of me. No big deal. They were very nice folks. (Except for this one prick who always found a goddamn fault with…..
Anger fading ……… fading………. gone!😀 Deep purple makes everyone happy!)
These incidents made me wonder why people can’t just respect an individual’s interests. Why can’t people just leave fellow beigns alone? I am causing zero harm! Although, I can imagine what would happen if I walk into someones house and blindly refuse to drink water from there by saying “I won’t drink water from here”(with a smiling face like Jake Gyllenhall’s face in night crawler). I understand that saying things politely will cause less trouble but my point is that it still causes trouble!