A special New Year message

Tomorrow, a New Year begins, but let’s be real, nothing is as exciting as my return to the blogosphere. I am the unicorn that shits rainbows. I wish to end today’s post on a positive note: I do not hate everyone on Tinder. Unfortunately, I have to end it here as I fear writing too much might break the internet.


You know what’s amazing and horrible at the same time? Science-shows hosted by celebrities. It’s heartening to see that there is a big appetite for science, but we need celebrities to explain it to us. Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching Robert Downey Jr. explain AI in the most dumbed-down way possible. I am completely for talented people explaining stuff to us. I think this needs to be adopted in schools, which is what schools should be doing in the first place, but you know, grades are a thing.

What worries me is that Science shouldn’t require popularisation. If it takes big names to ‘popularise’ AI, black holes and genetics, then that means there is something wrong with us. It also has the opposite effect where, celebrities can mislead the public by spreading misinformation backed by nonsense-science. Explaining it to us is one thing, but we need to know these things exist. We need to know that the Earth is 4,500,000,000 years old ,and that humans have existed only for 200,000 years . We need to know this stuff. No one should have to ‘popularise’ it. Why do we need to know this stuff, you ask? To understand how stuff works, to know what we are made of, to know our place in the universe, which I believe, could help us find the meaning of life.

Touch the light

A black hole’s gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape it. Light, mind you, the thing you and me see with our eyeballs on a day to day basis, but have never touched with our bear hands. Why did I bring this up again? Oh yes! I want to talk about black holes that exist right here on Earth. Are you with me? They’re called restaurants with Arcade machines in them. You eat, and then you play a little, then you eat, then you play little more, and it goes on. The black hole restaurant will suck you in leaving no trace. Money, jobs, beautiful girlfriend, all gone. The machine will take control.

This is by far the most meaningless post I’ve made, hence it is very special. I hold it very near and dear to my heart. I could have written about the Citizenship Amendment Act, and all the horrible stuff that has been happening as of late, but obviously Arcade games are way more important, and my loyal fan-base would appreciate that.

Letting go of Saturday

Because Saturday is a friend I can always rely on. He’s always there, on time, right after Friday, every week, and yet he slips away from my embrace, quicker than a heartbeat. This is starting to sound a little gay, so I’m going to switch the gender now. Saturday brings joy to my life with her little surprises. Movies, icecream, little sprinkles of joy. Saturday makes me just want to cozy up in bed, and not think about tomorrow. This is not working, I’ll be referring to Saturday as ‘it’ from now on. I love Saturday because I don’t have to work on Sunday. Saturday is a gift. It is time to recover and refresh, to re-think some of those horrible choices you made from Monday through Friday. But sadly, Saturday has to go, and make way for Sunday, followed by Doomsday.

Fear list

It’s Saturday night, and what better way to spend it than to write down some of my worst fears?

1) A snake crawling out of a drain pipe

2) Coming home to see a clown sitting on my bed, in the dark

3) My dentist’s smiling face, after he’s set up his torturing equipment

4) Wait… I made a mistake. It’s unemployment, guys. That’s the worst fear. Should have started with that one.