Listen to this!

Why do some people force others to listen to their music? I am looking at YOU, inconsiderate person who drives around blasting out noise with the windows rolled down. However, I am curious about this urge. I can even understand it to an extent. Some songs make some people feel good. So all that these people are trying to do is to make others feel good too! However, there are also people who do it just to annoy others. Annoying others makes them feel good! I love it when someone likes my music. When I was a kid, me and my friends listened to the same kind of music. Then one day, I heard a song that was so good, it blew my  mind. I couldn’t wait to show it to my friends. One day I was hanging out with a few friends. I set the song up on a nice stereo. With a lot of excitement, I pressed play. They were busy talking to each other. I was eagerly waiting for them to stop abruptly and say “holy shit! That sounds so awesome!”. Surprisingly, none of that happened and they continued talking to each other until I asked for an opinion on the song. They were like, “meh”. I realised something that day. I liked something that was different. That genre of music did not please others very well. It was hard to find others who like it. If anyone’s curious, this was that song:

So good! And I totally get why they didn’t like it. Linkin Park had already started to occupy their minds!

Anyway, it took me a while to stop forcing people to listen to my songs. I was living in a bubble. I know now that everyone has their own interests and are passionate about them.



I would like to explain this one using an example. A celebrity was requested to help promote a movie. He agreed and flew to the country where the movie was made. He had come to watch a preview. Everything went fine and he flew back. After he left, the local people started to go nuts over a stupid issue. The issue was that during his visit , he refused to drink the water that he was offered. Instead, he drank water from the bottles he had brought with him. A very similar incident happened to me(I am not a celebrity, but I have this awesome ability to INSTANTLY make people stop speaking to me). I had recently started to work at a small store in town. I had reasons to believe that the drinking water there was not safe for drinking. So I never drank water from there. This led to coworkers making fun of me. No big deal. They were very nice folks. (Except for this one prick who always found a goddamn fault with…..
Anger fading ……… fading………. gone!😀 Deep purple makes everyone happy!)
These incidents made me wonder why people can’t just respect an individual’s interests. Why can’t people just leave fellow beigns alone? I am causing zero harm! Although, I can imagine what would happen if I walk into someones house and blindly refuse to drink water from there by saying “I won’t drink water from here”(with a smiling face like Jake Gyllenhall’s face in night crawler). I understand that saying things politely will cause less trouble but my point is that it still causes trouble!