I feel swell

Big basket asked me today if I believe in magic. I said no, because I am skeptical of all them corporate behemoths. Be it Tata or Birla. I view them with utmost scrutiny. My reasoning? Nothing. I actually like Tata products. I don’t own a Land Rover, but I’m sure it drives like a breeze.

I have begun putting my voice out on the internet through an app called Swell. Contrary to what you may think, the app does not enlarge pictures of you. Instead, its a social media app where you post voice messages. You can talk about anything under the sun, but you can’t go over five minutes. It’s like a Twitter for podcasts, except there’s no Elon and cars involved. What makes it interesting is that the comment section is also in the form of voice recordings. So people HAVE TO speak. A nightmare for some, a dating app in the guise of social media app for others. The way people enunciate words is extraordinary. People go all out on the accents. You will hear dialects you never knew existed. Fortunately, I have not come across a channel that exclusively broadcasts fart noises, but now that I’ve put that out into the universe, I’m sure it will get made in no time.


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