Strong legs

I am now taking walks everyday after work at a park nearby. As you can imagine, there are people at the park, and I have to come face to face with people almost every few seconds. This is exposure therapy. Papa don’t like people looking at him, but little by little, I am getting comfortable looking at people’s faces or not looking at people’s faces, and just walking by. There is a 30% chance I might make a friend or two. So this walking is taking care of my Cholesterol, I think. I feel healthier, and I love seeing my strong legs. Speaking of strong legs, I am now watching the documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer. It certainly is not as gripping as the series, and I noticed something interesting. The documentary focuses more on the story of the murders. The series does a better job of showing how he turned out the way he is. I think that is important. If there’s anything to learn from this, I think it’s the reasons behind the making of a serial killer that is of most importance.

After reading another blog, I got intrigued on the effects of sugar, and I read an article about it and holy fuck. I need to cut down on the sugar intake somehow. 36 grams of added sugar a day is the limit. Can you believe that shit? 36 grams! I think I get 36 grams from breathing Kolkata air.

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