Today, I would like to speak about honesty. Be honest to people. Look them in their face. Don’t fall into their lies. Pick them up and throw them on to the pillows of truth. Tell people how ugly they are. Tell people how much better off they could have been. Tell people how ugly their pants look. Give it to them. Saw a disgusting haircut? Don’t hold it in. Let it out. Point them out on the street, look into their eyes and bark at them, it adds to the animosity and the beautiful toxic masculinity. Tell people how poor they are. Tell your mother… no you can’t blame your mother, she’s a cutie. Tell your dad however, what a dick he is. Tell your brother what a disappointment he is. Tell your girlfriend to stop whining all the time. Live life in peace. Throw out all the negativity.

Once again, I would like to remind people that this is a comedy blog. I say dumb things. Please don’t do it. Hug your parents.

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