This is the elaborate packaging my laptop’s battery came in. I would be surprised if my own coffin had so much padding. My computer is over 10 years old. It has seen and heard so many things. It has been through a master’s course and 7 years of my first job, and it has not had one bit of jizz fall on it, ever. I am proud of myself for that. It has been through battle. It was attacked by a family member, and ended up with a shattered screen. It once flew out of my hand when the car hit the breaks. Ended up with a mother board failure. The doctors were always able to bring it back to life somehow. But now, it’s different. I see the early signs of Parkinson’s. It also doesn’t have a battery. So today I went to the electronics market, and there I saw hundreds of guys and girls deeply engrossed on their phones. It was like they couldn’t,t believe what was on the screen. Customers weren’t a concern to these people. They shooed them sway like flies. Some of them even refused to hear what I had to say. Then finally, a beautifully middle aged man and his twin brother dug out an ancient battery. It was sealed, and in pristine condition. So now’s my chance. The great Indian sale is going on and papa is going to score a computer. This old fella will be exchanged for a descent 9000 Rs.

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