It is highly likely that I have now completed 50% of my lifespan, maybe even higher. It is safe to say that half my life is over. This is usually the time period when great people have a change of heart, or maybe they make life-changing decisions. I spend more time choosing a toothbrush. The closest I’ve come to making any major decision is to start taking psychiatric treatment. Yesterday my blood work came in, and it doesn’t look good. I’m not dying by any means but the Cholesterol is not looking great.

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, it felt okay to socialize. I talked to a variety of people ranging from addicts to even a priest. I was having a good time. The depression comes back when I reach home, but I am feeling hopeful. For one thing, I have chosen to take the path to mental recovery. I just hope my body can keep up.


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