The third wheel

Today’s post is dedicated to all the computer mouses that were dumped due to a faulty “scroll wheel”. The mouse is a very primitive device. It is a direct link between you and the computer. In the beginning it only had one button. You move and click. Then came the double click. Then came the left and right buttons. Then another button that no one used. Then, as a crown of its achievements, it was awarded with a wheel that helped scroll through pages. What an innovation! It made scrolling through Facebook feel like a slot machine, always giving you hope of something better below the screen. The problem with the scroll wheel however, was that it stopped working after a while. It was always the first thing to go on a mouse. Then people had the wonderful idea to incorporate a button in the wheel, by making it clickable. So now we have a wheel and a button that doesn’t work. I have to give it up for the creators of the wheel though. It definitely gave you a sense of control. It stopped pages from sliding away, but then again it sucked! It would always malfunction, and just because of that, people would dump it for a new mouse. Also, no one repairs mouses. It’s one of those things that no one bothered to do because of the obvious cost vs effort problem. I myself am struggling with a wheel, and I am considering getting a new mouse. I grew so attached to the wheel! I can’t picture a world without scrolling. Click-to-scroll is a joke. The scroll bar kinda helps, but the real power lies within the wheel. That precision, that control, that uncanny ability to hide pictures when someone passes behind you. It’s like magic. Notice how it takes control of a volume slider? Makes you feel like an airplane pilot when you increase the volume using a wheel, doesn’t it?. Notice how phones are slowly becoming one handed? The mouse was a pioneer in the game way back when. You can operate an entire computer with just a mouse. Think about that for a second.


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