Fruits and festivals

I just had a vision of eating a banana, and finding out there’s mushrooms growing inside it. This year Puja is going to be lit. It’s going to be so fantastic, I am not even kidding, the BBC might even cover it. Sadly, I will not be here. I will be elsewhere on the opposite side of the country, deep in thought, in God’s own country. I intend to indulge in various types of seafood while I’m there. I find my people cordial and respectful, but they do stare at tits. They just can’t help it.

I found fungus in a lemon cake at Mongini’s. They took a picture of it for proof, but unfortunately I smiled in the picture, so now it conveys the wrong meaning. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used it for promotion.

The Jack fruit has got to be alien. There’s no other fruit like it. It’s round, it’s got spikes, and it kills people when it falls (it’s a thing, google it). It exists in various forms and oh my God, all of them taste heavenly. Be it a cake, pudding, deep fried or baked, the Jack fruit is the Jack of all fruits.


      1. Yes…I’ve been many times, spending time in Bangalore, Karnataka, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata (where my heart is!) and look forward to returning. The people are beautiful and genuinely welcoming. The sights and sounds are an assault on the senses in the most intoxicating way. India is truly a gem!


      2. That’s amazing. As you might know, it is the season of festivities in Kolkata right now. Lights are being put up. People who are normally in a bad mood are singing songs. I would love to know more about your homeland. Guess the best way to do that is to subscribe!


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