I learned two things today

  1. Disney employs a group of people called the “Imagineers” to come up with ideas for rides and parks

I was born an Imagineer. I came out of my mother, laden with ideas. If I designed a ride, people would experience it and come out a different person, like, it would change their perspective on life. It would have a lot of graphic imagery like live child birth and Orangutans fighting over one girl Orangutan. Then there would be Apple support staff in blue shirts saying condescending things like “I would just buy a new one”. The ride would take you through all parts of the world, right from the misty mountains to sperm banks. Finally the ride ends at the imaginorium where the people’s thoughts come to life. A visual feed of your mind will be projected on to a dome, like a planetarium. Right at the exit you will find lawyers and councillors to take care of the aftermath of this experience. Children will learn and parents will get divorced.

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