Every once in a while when life knocks you down like a mischievous third grader, God comes into my life bearing gifts. My uncle used to do that when his daughter didn’t get along with her cousins. She would rage-quit from time to time by putting the video game in flight mode (she threw the console). Then my uncle would take her out, and buy her toys. At the end of the day we would make up, and I got to play with her toys(is it just me or does ‘toys’ sound increasingly sexual as you get older?). So my point is, life works in mysterious ways. Dark things happen, but then you get darker things in return. Take dark chocolate for example.

This is a new variant from my friends at Lotte. It’s the choco pie with 63% more cocoa. More cocoa than what? The people at Lotte are smart enough to put that on the packaging too. “63% more cocoa than our regular choco pie”. The sincerity in this statement is making me emotional. I grew up in a household where love was withheld for fear of spoiling the children. I felt deceived. For someone like me, a statement so sincere, that too upfront on the the packaging, is overwhelmingly beautiful. The day is not far where I see myself writing love letters to the people at Lotte. Love has to be given back. And I am sure they won’t find it to be gay because I know for a fact that the people working there are woke as fuck.

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