Itchy itchy

A Monday morning post after a hot cup of coffee. What more could you ask for from life? Sweet moments like these fill my heart with… aaah fuck. I am sick. Not sick sick. Not yet. This time I have been betrayed either by the weather or by an ungrateful asexual friend who accompanied me on a day-trip. One of these gave me the itch at the back of the thoat-itis. Whatever the case, I am disappointed. Also, today’s a Tuesday.

I went for a friend’s birthday party yesterday. No, that’s not where I got sick from. He is a beautiful man, with a beautiful beard, and an even beautifuller heart. Few months ago, when I was not feeling that great, he suggested I take part in a zoom meeting. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a life-changing experience. It was about giving empathy. Just people around the world talking to each other, listening to each other’s problems, etc. I was really into dire straits at the time(both the band and the emotion he he). Anyway, it served as a good distraction for a bit. I don’t attend it anymore but it helped in a way I guess. So when he invited me for a party I couldn’t say no. So I grabbed the face wash+ shampoo pack I got for free from Big Basket (such a thoughtful gift), dressed up really nice and went for a party. Long story short, I had a blast and I made a new friend. The sad part: I began writing this post on Tuesday. Then I got sick, and then I got really sick, and now I feel a little better.

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