Rain of thought

Yesterday, me and my asexual friend went on a trip to Taki, to clear the mind off of negative thoughts. The two-hour train journey from Kolkata went beautifully as I spent most of the time bombarding my friend with inappropriate questions. Then we ate a deem toast at a tea shop where the lady had picture of her dead husband doing the superman pose, hung on the wall. In a matter of moments it became clear that she was an enemy of happiness, as she proceeded to lecture us on what a big mistake we made by coming to visit this place on a rainy weekend. Then she disappeared, taking my friend’s umbrella, to go do her side-hustle pay-and-park business. Through the holes in the wall I saw her beat down on car windows like the terminator, and demand payment. I had to take a leak, there was no toilet, so I sneaked out back to a lush green landscape where there was plenty of privacy. As I was shaking down the last few drops, I looked to my right and saw a lady staring at me though the window. She was holding the window open with one hand and breastfeeding a baby with the other. I had an epiphany at that moment. I have to buy stock in Zomato. Reason being, food delivery business is only going to boom in the long term despite Uber selling its stake in Zomato, which led to its price going down. So despite feeling ashamed of seeing a side-boob, I left the backyard a confident man.


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