Sunday Funday

The flip side of being at home on a Sunday afternoon is that you smell food that other people are cooking. This isn’t particularly nice because it reminds you of how lonely you are. Then you try to compensate by going outside, and hanging out with people who have ulterior motives, spend a lot of money, and then you come back home to emptiness. Now, my apartment is a furniture-less empty space that amplifies farts and make them sound like a Gregorian church choir. I am a minimalist because I don’t have any money. Since the weather is improving, I will be stepping out more and more and engaging with more people. I have entered phase 3 of my life where I don’t particularly care if I mingle with people or not. That’s not true. It’s complicated. Anyway, I met another mountaineer who organizes treks to Kangchenjunga. I attended his talk where he showed us pictures he had taken back in 1987 (before I was born) and he also showed us pictures he took of the same place that he took in 2020. It is the scariest most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life. Beautiful because of the giant mountains and clouds up close, and terrifying because entire lakes and rivers have vanished. Large areas covered by snow are now just rocks.


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