Taking flight

I got a haircut and, people actually look away. Yeah, I saw people on the street pretending like they didn’t see anything. I have never had a good relationship with barbers. Twice in my life I have been in situations where I don’t speak the same language as them, and we end up arguing. There’s people waiting in line, it’s a mess. But the thing about fighting with barbers is, they always win. You come out of there looking like a different person, like you feel downgraded. A barber has the ability to do that.

Today, a barber put his finger in my mouth. Aside from the Covid thing, I have reason to believe that he had just scratched his ass. But today, I was unfazed. All the antidepressants, and anxiety pills are really working their magic. They are turning me into a zombie. I feel like I am floating all the time. There’s no anxiety, but there’s deep sadness. So bad that it sometimes manifests itself into physical pain.

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