The elements

What does freedom smell like? Non-polluted air. Just take a moment and smell your air. Most of us have gotten used to the way our air smells, it doesn’t smell like anything. Yet it smells. It smells of age and oil. You know what smells nice? Fried chicken. The air we breathe is old. Thousands of millions, probably billions of farts, decomposed matter, Jasmine flowers, bug spray, even the smell of wet dogs. All of that smell is in the air. How crazy is it that it’s just there(the air)? We were just born into it. What if there was no air, only water? Imagine a world where a mermaid Amber Heard actually exists. Now imagine your bedroom underwater. Your socks are floating. No more noise. Ever tried jerking off in water? It’s like that squid that squirts ink.

Be like water

-Bruce Lee

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