Brown magic

I ate a cookie today that was so inexplicably delicious, I would even call it the next evolution in biscuitry. The Dark Fantasy, Choco Nut Dipped. I’m not kidding, that’s what it’s called. Choco Nut Dipped. It’s like, they didn’t even bother completing that statement because who the fuck cares? They knew that once you were in, you’re in. Dipped? Dipped in what? It could be dipped in paint thinner, but it doesn’t matter now because it tastes phenomenal. Who in their right mind would dip a cookie in chocolate, and then put even darker chocolate inside it? A magician. That’s what it is. A magician made it. He likes to give you a surprise. And about the whole nut thing…who really cares right? Everything is nut this and nut that. People are nutting everywhere.

The chocolate on the outside is like an ocean of freedom. Do you see the waves? You have to ride it. A sea of opportunities. Do you know why it’s round? It’s cos you can fly in any direction. Science. Facts. I ate a whole pack of it. 50 Rs. Don’t care. Papa’s rich.

PS: Cadbury can go suck dick.

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