Colin Robinson is an energy vampire from the show, What We Do In The Shadows. Unlike regular vampires, Colin drains his victims by boring them with pointless conversations. He does this at his workplace. At home, he aggravates his fellow vampire roommates, and thereby drains their energy too.

Today, I was going through product reviews for stuff on Amazon, and I realized I am a Colin Robinson in certain ways. I was genuinely deriving pleasure out of reading negative reviews from people who were stuck with sub-par products. I love it when they post pictures of blown-out appliances. I am very proud of my fellow Indians who, regardless of their level of literacy, will still get their feelings out no matter what. One can find interesting reviews like, “worst worst worst. don’t buy. get it local” or “great value for money. Product not working” or my personal favorite, “hate reviews. Useless. Bad. Stop cheating”.


    1. The last time they managed to kill off a lead character was in that show with all the sword fighting. I feel like they did a pretty good job on that one. Lets see what happens to Colin with the all new baby-Groot approach. Oh who am I kidding? I miss him already! I miss his never ending stories, and his cute laughter!

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