Yahoo! Mail- My big mistake

Back in the day, it was the shiny new E-mail provider that looked and felt better compared to it’s competition (hotmail looked like a hot mess). Who would have thought such a nice company would turn into an absolute mess? It’s like they have done research on how to fuck up. Not only do they not filter out spam properly, now they’ve begun marking relevant mails as spam. Yes, the emails from my bank, now go directly to the spam folder. What makes it even more interesting is that I have tried the whole “mark as not junk” aka “ultimate authority of the universe” button on more than one occasion. Still doesn’t work. Remember the absolute shit show of a home page they had ( , where they displayed totally fact-checked, mind blowing news articles like “house wife makes 1 million in a week”? Yeah, that’s been shut down. It looks painfully clean now, with them retaining only the e-mail and search service. A little digging showed that they shut it down due to changes in the foreign direct investment regulations. But yeah, after several security breaches, and failed attempts to branch out into “exciting” new areas (Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! Groups, etc) which were all good by the way. It’s just that, they failed for some reason. Sad. I personally don’t think Yahoo Mail will shut down. Someone will acquire it. Someone has to acquire it. Someone please acquire it! I still use the damn thing.


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