Last night I dreamt that I was abducted by a cult, while attending a detoxing retreat. These were young men clad in red cloth, with bald heads. Their preferred method of torture was the electric chair. They also smiled a lot, which only made it worse. While I was being transported by train, possibly for slave work, I managed to escape. I came across a group of construction workers, but quickly realized they were in on it too. So I stole a moped, and rode at a blazing 40 km/hr speed until I came across a police check post. A man armed with a generic bad-guy rifle came forward. I could not understand anything from the see-saw motion of his gigantic mustache. As soon as I saw him speak into his radio, I realized what was going on. My instincts kicked in, and I wet my pants. I ran to the bike, backed it up by a good 100 meters, and went straight for the gate. Then I woke up. I checked my ass for mustache hair, and went on with my day.

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