Dream interpretation

I trespassed into a rich person’s house thinking it’s a park, and got chased by a bear.

Now, as soon as I saw the bear lunging towards me I realised I won’t be able to outrun it. All of the terrifying scenes from the Revenant came back to me in an instant. As I stood there, deciding whether to play dead or be dead, the bear stopped, and it started sniffing the ground. Days of not showering had finally paid off. I quickly climbed on to a tall wall. How, you ask? I don’t know. It’s a dream. Roll with it. Just as I was about to jump, I woke up. Oh! I just remembered that I was carrying my 4 year old dog while all of this was going down.


Rich person’s house: life, playing tricks

Bear: life, playing more tricks

Easily climbable walls: somehow everything works out in the end, though it might have got me killed

Dog: was my real life dog. I would die for her. Why the fuck would life want to kill my dog?

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