I just ate a whole bag of donuts. I did it to myself. No complaints. Only regrets.

Think about the people who get hair implants. In your heart of hearts, do you judge them? I have no shame in admitting I used to. We all have that one uncle who showed upto to family get-togethers wearing a horrendous headpiece. And then one of them little kids yanks at it, and then we all pretend as if we did not witness a travesty that is a bald man’s head. Haven’t you ever felt like telling them , “give up. The battle is lost”?. Yet why do they so desperately cling on to a piece of dead protein?

It’s all about presentation. That’s the way the world works. It’s the same reason why people wear cologne and prefer showing more skin. We live in a judgemental world. I do it. You do it. Everybody does it.

If a piece of clothing or hair gives you confidence to conquer your dreams, I will not make fun of you no more my friend.

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