Tomorrow is Monday. The name Monday sounds so harmless. It is infact harmless. It is the day you wake and think “why exactly am I doing this again?”, but you put your clothes on anyway, and go about your day. Monday is in fact harmless. Nothing bad happens on a Monday. However you do get news of something bad coming up on a Monday. Bad things happen on a Tuesday or Wednesday for sure. I call them the devil’s days. Monday? No. Moday is just the messenger. Doesn’t Monday sound sweet, like a Mango? Doesn’t Monday sound like icecream? No, Monday is not the problem. The real problem is Tuesday and Wednesday. Get rid of those two days, and your life will turn blissful. What comes to mind when you think about Wednesday? “Your computer can’t be fixed. You need to replace the hard drive”. ” We’re out of chocolate cake, sorry!”. ” I want a divorce”. ” My dad got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer”. ” I want a solution by end of day”. ” We think the roadwork must have cut the cable”. These are just a few of the things you hear on a Tuesday/Wednesday. Now, when Thursday rolls around, things start to cool down. You see things like, people turning up late for work, a colleague eating lunch for breakfast, everyone just has a happy face. Nobody has that “I want to kill every thing ” vibe anymore. That’s when Friday rolls around. Now, Friday, my friends is the real weekend if you ask me. Because Friday is the day you come to the realisation that there is a weekend coming ahead. So your mind gets ready to relax. Friday is the real weekend. Nothing every starts on a Friday. Friday is the day to come back, to return to the real you. You ever think “it’s Friday night. I should do something.”? You call your friends, but everyone has their own plans. But then you call that friend you don’t like very much, but end up having a great time with them? That’s a Friday my friends. The weekend is a whole different story. I can’t write about the weekend. You cannot capture all the nuances of a weekend in a mere blog post. It needs to be a movie, shot using imax cameras, directed by Michael Bay.


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