I am feeling a little sad. So I thought I’ll write down the subject-lines of some of the mail I got today.

  1. Benefits of crying
  2. Why you should have Turmeric milk every night
  3. Secrets to a rock hard cock
  4. Listen to the Dalai Lama


  1. It’s a good thing.
    You are NOT random at all.
    Only something
    to read.
    when you appear … in the ether.
    this morning.

    I can play — with sarcasm. It’s just sometimes the weaker pen… in the battle of swords… the battle we wage in words.
    You are not random.
    You write and I read. I write, but you may not read. That’s okay, I’m trying to LET GO of needing people read my blogs. They don’t. That’s okay. Today. I might not write blogs. I don’t want to want people to read them.
    But for this moment. I appreciate your words. Showing up. Suiting up. And walking into the battle of my Inbox. I will not put Label you “spam.” I will read. Instead.


    1. First of all, you write, and I definitely read. You have a nice poetic way of saying things (which I usually make fun of, within this very blog), but at the end of the day, I do want people to read my blog, I think. When I get comments like yours, it genuinely makes me happy.


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