1. There is no god. Only in your head. If “they” stay in your head…those voices from god…then you might join the rest of us… being called crazy, IF we mutter on the street corners, talking to god. NO. We use the internet. So we don’t have to believe in all the signs. IF we believe…and believing is good…we either give ourselves to god (that’s not a bad option) or we give ourselves up to the cops, the doctors, and all the other people who control the narrative…and they could easily render us….crazy. Even when all we’re being is “random.” Once you stop believing in RANDOM acts of kindness…you’re a terrorist. Or sick. Or deluded or a Jesus Freak. I believe in RANDOM….I try to believe in Random…the opposite is seen as madness. IF you are a middle aged woman, who has no REAL complaint these days. She is supposed to shut up and take it. That’s her job and it makes her mad. I work at NOT being mad. as in MAD… so I find people like you to write to. You made my day…so far. And I’m trying to speak the truth. The only one I have.


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