We never ate together

So Jim Gaffigan live-streams him eating dinner with his family on YouTube, and I can’t stop watching it. Is it a waste of time? Yes. Am I a creep? Probably. There is some weird joy that I derive out of watching an unknown family eat dinner while talking about their day-to-day. Plus, they donate all the money they make from the livestream to Covid relief.

I never ate dinner with my family. We would all run to our corners of the house. Less family-time was more me-time. That was until dad died. Then things changed a little. There seemed to be an invisible glue holding us together while we ate. It might not be at the dining table. It might be in front of a television, watching some stupid shit, but we held on, because now we know what loss feels like. An empty space at the table is always uncomfortable. People don’t talk about it, but it’s at the back of everyone’s mind.

Moral of the story:

Fucking eat dinner with your fucking family (to all the teenagers out there). If you’re over 25, get the fuck out of the house for God’s sake. It’s embarrassing.

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