Dream documentation #1

I am in the middle of war, like literally in the middle of it. I can hear bullets fly by. I am scared out of my mind. I am with a group of military officers and a very beautiful nurse. I am less than 15 years old for some reason. We find an abandoned army building. We take cover there. The shooting subsides, night falls. The army guys take position on the rooftop, while the nurse and I sleep. Nothing sexual happened, but the nurse was attractive, I’ll tell you that much. Besides, I’m like, 14. Early morning, sunrise, it’s beautiful. There’s smoke, but it’s beautiful. I walk down to the lower floor. I see a fucking tank. There is a tank in the building! I’m thinking, “fuck yeah, we’re getting out”. So I wander about a little more. I go down to the basement, and I find like, really old files. There’s literature on plant biology, on human anatomy, and a lot of maps pinned to the walls. There’s even biscuits in a jar. All of a sudden, I notice a control station. It has a bunch of joysticks, big orange buttons, and a screen. I try to get the screen on, and it works. Lo and behold, it shows a diagnostic of the tank, just like any auto repair shop. I try to find out if there’s any way to check the fuel, and the control system explodes. While I run outside, the basement collapses in on itself. Somehow the building stands, and I see the gunmen on top look at me like “what did you do?”. Then I woke up.

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