I can’t have peace

Just two little tiny months of peace. That’s all I wanted. Apparently that’s too much to ask.

I live in a company owned accommodation (my employer owns the flat), and I knew sooner or later this would cause me a fucking headache. Two idiots (colleagues) are moving in to the apartment adjacent to mine. Here’s the kicker, I will have to share one of my rooms with one of them. It was the only room I had to keep my drum kit, hang clothes to dry, and declare (with zero proof) to be haunted, and write stories about it.

What’s going to happen now? What’s going to happen to my freedom? I can’t afford to lose my nudy time. This was supposed to be my place of zen and peace. Not to mention there is a fucking pandemic going on!

You know what? Maybe this is a sign. I’ve been wanting lo leave this dump since two years. Maybe this is the universe’s way of pushing me out of a “comfort zone”. I have to leave. I have to leave this place. I love the people (a few of them) and the city, but I have to go.

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