Navigating through the public

There’s no beating around the bush with this. I tried Omegle. And….it’s interesting. Useless, but interesting.

Omegle is a chat site. It’s open to the world. There’s no registration, no nothing. You click, and you’re in. Now, there is a feature to match up with people who have the same interests as you, but naturally I couldn’t find anyone that way because as you know, papa is a unique gem, and no, I did not search for BDSM fanatics. Since it couldn’t find anyone with shared interests, it paired me up with a random stranger, and then it began. 

Stranger: M or F? ( You see kids, the other person is asking me if I am man or a woman. So courteous)

Me: Does it matter? I’m just passing my time, making conversation.

Stranger: Age?

Me: Really dude? What’s the point?

Stranger disconnected

Kids, it was after a few short conversations like these did papa realize that a good 75% of Omegle were horny people (mostly men), paedophiles, instagram models, bots, underage children, religious extremists, and other fun stuff. So what made it interesting you ask?

Well, along the way, I did talk to a few interesting people

  1. A fascist who taught me the meaning of the word fascism (that’s how dumb I am), and tried to explain to me how good of a man Adolf Hitler really was. In the end, when he understood that I valued human life more than ideologies, he asked me if I like to masturbate. Would be lying if I said I didn’t see that coming.
  2. Someone who wanted to “pretend” to be my father, who in the end, turned out to be a teenager. It was the most hilarious conversation I had in while.
  3. The philosopher. Random dude, doesn’t care what you have to say, just kept belting out philosophical one-liners. In the end he said “the rivers run dry with nothingness. I feel the Earth run dry in your consciousness” and left. Talk about mysterious dudes huh?
  4. Regular people. Normal folks who just want to pass time without hurting anyone. They were great.

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