I haven’t moved from my chair since morning, and I feel horrible, and I want to kill myself.

So it’s Truth Time Tuesdays with Random Thought Beam everybody! This is the time to step forward, and admit a truth from your personal life. Don’t be afraid. Worst case scenario, we end up becoming friends, and I use it later in life to blackmail you. Slim chance.

Telling yourself you are ok mentally? Get that sweet therapy. Don’t be a pussy. Ask for help. 

Lying to yourself about your marriage? Dump that shit. Get outta there. Save yourself. Live your life. Roam free.

Hate your job? Stop making excuses. Fly away little bird. Greener pastures await you in Valhalla.

My truth: I am nothing like what I’ve portrayed myself in this blog. In reality, I am insecure. I don’t talk much. I am incredibly immature for my age, I have very few friends, and I love my life. Peace!


  1. Truth Time Tuesday: I am an evil recovering alcoholic. I don’t do A.A., but I don’t drink anymore, either. However, I persistently encourage my friends to drink, drink more, drink A LOT MORE. I enjoy watching drunk people in the smug knowledge that I won’t be hungover in the morning. Bill W. is no friend of mine.


    1. You are a warrior my friend. I don’t know what it’s like, but I’ve heard stories from friends, and let me tell you this, no harm in trying a little 12-step when you need it. You are doing a great job, regarding encouraging friends, not so much, but in general. Aye man we all have Bills to get rid off.

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      1. I don’t need the 12-Step, and don’t ever plan to but…. if I did, I’d only want 11 steps, without that smarmy, self-righteous version of Christianity. 😳


  2. My truth…I am hating some people, and pretending its all good, pretending their bullshit isnt effecting me, but it damn well is, and I need to suck it up and just confront them and chew their asses out!


    1. You know what you gotta do. You know it, I have confidence in you. Before the butt-chewing begins, think about how you are going to go about it. Give it some thought. Get some Orange juice. Relax. Then, as they say, unleash the dragon. To quote the great poet Dee Snider, We’re not gonna take it anymore.

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