The pandemic is not a good time to lose weight. It’s not going to work. You know why? Your mouth needs something to do. It needs exercise. It just can’t stay closed. It’s like that colleague who can’t shut up at the cafeteria. That shit won’t shut up until A Quiet Place happens in real life.

I haven’t been getting much sleep. So I’ll tell you a bedtime story, and then I’ll be off. A friend of mine, once on his way to write his final semester exam, fell asleep in the train, and woke up in another state, meaning he woke up about 500 kms away, where they speak a different language, also at the time, there was a spike in criminal activity in the region. So the cops were on the lookout for any suspicious looking individuals. Lucky for him, he looked the part. Once he woke up and realized that he had gotten butt-fucked (missed the station) he started panicking. He started panicking even more when the people on the train couldn’t understand what he was saying. During this panic attack his lower jaw decided to stop functioning. He tells me it happened due to some kind of mineral deficiency. So now we have a lone idiot, stuck in unknown territory, and as a bonus, cant’ move his jaw. To be continued…

Who gives a shit? The End.


    1. I just can’t think of a reason why that would be a bad idea. I once gave a similar advice, asking people to try alcohol during the drought season. Didn’t go over well. People are so strange.

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