Where it all began

All three parts of the Iron Maiden documentary, The History of Iron Maiden is out on YouTube for the world to see. Turns out, it has been out for a few years. It’s funny how the YouTube algorithm sometimes misses out on suggesting the most relevant things, and instead recommends clips from sitcoms that ended years ago. I watched part one on DVD when I was in high school, and was convinced that part 2 and 3 didn’t exist. Poor stupid me.
Anyway, I got to see it at the right time. It served as inspiration for putting together my own little band. I like how it is not made to be a people-pleaser, in the sense that it is not very cinematic. It stays true to the content, which is the history of Iron Maiden, with some closure on rumours sprinkled here and there. Most importantly, it is about the fun and struggles of the touring life, fame, growth and music.


    1. Absolutely. It keeps recommending me videos of random people reacting to movie trailers, instead of suggesting something that challenges my level of intellect, like twerking or nip-slip videos.

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