Yellow curve

As I sit here, clinging onto the last few minutes of Saturday, I wonder why the banana is such an underrated fruit. People talk about mangoes and apples, heck even pears, but none of these so-called fruits radiate class and sophistication like the banana. When people see me pull out a banana from my bag, on the street, they seem taken aback. I feel judged. I look them in the eye, and spit on their face. What is a banana? A banana is nutrition. A banana makes you shit like an athlete. A banana smells good. A banana fits in the side pocket of your back pack. A banana doesn’t need to be washed. A banana is cheap. A banana can be fried, boiled, mummified, tickled, used in suggestive advertising, or even gifted to elephants. When a band like Deep Purple decides to name an album after a bloody fruit, you know this shit serious.



  1. It’s the name. That’s the only reason the banana doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Any word that has three syllables, all of which rhyme, is doomed to inhabit punchlines instead of gracing gourmet cooking programs. I agree with your assessment. It’s multi-purpose, self-contained, self-packaged, nutritious and delicious. But it does have a silly name.


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