Narcissistic millennial culture

Nope. Narcissistic behaviour has existed throughout the history of mankind. It’s just that the older generations don’t always approve of the newer ones because ‘they’ve got it easier’ or whatever. Take music for example. How often do you find someone from the older generation really enjoying modern-day music? It’s just that we adore the environment of our time. Some people adapt/grow. They find happiness.

Obviously not all people from the older generations are like this. Many of them are super supportive, but there’s that small percentage of shitty old people who just can’t stop yapping about how the songs on the TV suck. Then again, there are young people who make fun of A Clockwork Orange and Frédéric Chopin. Shitheads are everywhere. We just need to find them, and avoid them. I’m inclined to talk about Queen, but I’m going to stop that urge. I don’t want this to turn into a Queen fansite.


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