I came home today, sat in front of my computer, and for a whole half hour, imagined I had two close friends in Kolkata, like practically family. I’m talking, sharing-Netflix-password-level of friendship. I hadn’t decided on spending a half hour doing this, it just happened out of nowhere. It doesn’t help that I haven’t met anyone outside of work for the past month. It was bed-rest, hospital, work, home, work, home, movie theater, hospital, bedrest, work, home, nightmare. I haven’t been this alone since, never. And, when you’re alone, you start to use your imagination more. A friend’s mom once told me that life will not always be the same. There will be times of loneliness and reading books would help me get through it. It took me four years to finish the Godfather, and I loved it, but never again. It was something I took up during the first year of college, and immediately regretted it because I kept forgetting the characters, and their backstories (except for the very creative sex scenes), now, that’s what I call a ‘graphic novel’. Wait.. that’s not a graphic… anyway, it’s too much information, is what I am trying to say. A movie on the other hand, not a big deal. My attention span can deal with 2001: A Space Odyssey with zero trouble. I could watch that spinning bone for hours.


  1. Ah I had troub;e finishing the godfather too – the story is great but …. there was something wrong with. well, i never finished it 😉 So maybe it[s not you, it’s the book you chose. try shorter things, some books can be read in 90 minutes. and browse the category of the movies you enjoy watching.


      1. Wow! Very Game of Thronesey. Very nice!. By the way, if this ever gets a movie deal, I know exactly who can play Fosch. There’s a Tunisian band called Myrath. The lead vocalist. That’s your guy.


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